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Swim and have fun

  • Year-round warm pool:
    depth: 1.5 m, temperature: 28 degrees Celsius,
  • Heated pool on a floating terrace:
    depth: 1.5 m, temperature: up to 26 degrees Celsius,
  • Cold refreshing pool:
    depth: 1.2 m, temperature: up to 12 degrees Celsius,
  • KIDS PARADISE Terrace with warm kiddie pool (depth 40-80cm, temperature 28 ° C), slides, a children’s playground with water obstacles.
  • Pool with depth limiter:
    lake water, depth: 1.5m,
  • 10 Jacuzzis under an open sky:
    temperature: 32-36 degrees Celsius
  • Inflatable water park in the middle of the lake.

тел.: +38 (067) 350 99 11
VODA club,  Lake of  Youth, TR Bukovel, Polyanitsa Village, Ivano-Frankivsk region